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I'm 13 years old, and I am getting sick and tired of watching my siblings. I have to watch my 3,6, and 12 year old brother. My older sibling aren't much of help, but my older brother goes to work( He is 19). My older sister is a different story she doesn't really help much. She is 17 years old, and she does help around the house but it's just not as often. My step-dad goes to work but he comes home in between 5 - 6 am. He usually sleeps all day on his day offs, but I feel that he could help at least a little bit. My mom on the other hand doesn't have a job even though she cooks for us, and clean some of the house she just be on her phone all day on some website for dating idk or she s talking on the phone. 
My 12 year old brother:He is very rude and disrespectful. He always have something negative to say to me or some other people. He usually talks back to my mom and she doesn't even do anything about it.
My 6 year old brother: Is very content I guess, but sometimes he has a smart mouth just like my brother. He is learning wrong things from my 12 year old brother. It's turning him into a monster.
My 3 year old brother: He is the worst. He throws very very loud tantrums when he doesn't have his way. He is hard headed, and he sometimes can be mean. He wants me to hold him all day.
I help around the house sometimes, and not gonna lie sometimes I be too tired to clean some days. I have to watch them 24/7.
it's bad enough I have low self-esteem, insecure, and shy. I have low self confidence in myself, and I have rude siblings who sometimes bring me down. They always point out my flaws, but think they are perfect or better than me.

How can I tell my parents about this?

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2 Answers

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how are your parents tward you?do they show you any appriciation?I dont understand why you whatch your mothers children if she dosent you think your mom would get mad if you just asked her to sit and talk about it?thats the best way to do it.
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You are in a tough spot. It sounds like your mom is letting/making you be the parent. This unfortunately seems to be happening more and more as so many people are having kids without having been taught to be a parent themselves, or just being too stressed out. You definitely should talk to your mom. But you need to be careful how you approach the subject. Tell her how stressed out you are-how it is making you unable to concentrate on school etc. In a non accusing way- let her know you feel as If the burden of taking care of your siblings, and the house is being put all on you. You are too young to be a mother, your time will come-enjoy your childhood.  Tell her you don't think it is fair that your brother and sister don't do anywhere near as much as you. See if she can come up with a more fair division of chores. Every member of a household has to do their share-or it is unfair to everyone else. If she still isn't getting it maybe talk to a grandparent or someone who will be sympathetic to you and your mom may listen to. Just make sure whenever you and or this grandparent etc-talk to her, do so in in a non accusatory way-if you make her defensive-she won't listen. Im sorry that you feel so alone sweetie-and I hope this helps-if none of that helps, at least find someone you can confide in-so you can vent your feelings. Good Luck!
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