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Please help guard fellow deal Classified Ads users against email scams, and post scam letters you received here.

Please also file a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

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4 Answers

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if it sounds fishy delete it right away.
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Here is one example:

"Thank you for your mail, but unfortunately,i am not in the country presently so i would not be able to see the item personally but i will be replying on your descriptions in the advert,i also think that your price is okay by me,and i would also be responsible for shipping/pick up.Please let me know if this arrangement is ok with you,I will be issuing a certified cashier check to cover the cost price of the item as well as the shipping cost as soon as possible because they have some other goods of mine that is going to be shipped along with the item, that is why the shipping cost is much,so all you have to do when you receive the check and clear in your bank is to deduct your cost price and then send the remaining balance to my shipping company that will come down to your address for the pick up since i already told you i will be taking care of shipping. Once my shipping company receive the shippment funds he will contact you as to moving it out of your place as fast as possible after the check must have cashed in your bank and for any other necessary arrangements. He will also be signing any relevant documents on my behalf. If this arrangement is okay with you ,please email me as soon as possible, I will be issuing you a check for $3,560. Hope you're okay with this. I will get across to you with my shipper's info by then.Thanks for the co-operation."
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A sample of reported email scam:

"Hello  ,Thanks for your swift response,Your best price is OK by me in which i checked on the website.Please kindly remove the advert and consider its been sold to me,Ignore other buyers from this onset,I will compensate you an extra $50 for that because i cant afford to let it go and for you to hold it for me.Provide me this below details accordingly for your payment to be made out from my partnerHi, Details below.(1)Full Name:(2)Home Address:(3)City(4)State:(5)Post code:(6)Telephone number/mobile phone:You should be expecting a bank certified cashier/check of $23,000 which include the shipping fee to cover the shipping expenses on me because i still have other goods that they will pick up for me around including yours so the money is not made for your goods only part of it is for their workmanship.Just assure me that my excess fund is in a safe hand at your care,Perhaps my partner could not issue out a separate check on a single transaction like this due to his company policy if not you would have a check of the equivalent amount which is your asking price,But due to the unforeseen circumstance made it happen this way.But i believe i can always count on you with my excess cash.As soon as the check clears in your bank deduct your cost of charges including the $50 i offer you,then kindly send the rest to my freight agent who is coming to your comfort home for the pickup the car on my behalf.I hope I can trust you with the difference.You can always email me.once again don;t forget to remove the ads on the website if my term of payment isaccepted by you before we proceed further.Hope to read from you soon. My Regards"
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along your items and picking up some cash in the deal.  I certainly would welcome the F.B.I. to review the text messages and emails that I have as evidence of person(s) using the phone lines and internet to commit fraud, theft and even evidence of a criminal conspiracy that would qualify for prosecution under RICO laws.  There is no doubt that the sole purpose of this conspiracy is to commit interstate criminal acts..
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Several reported scams from email address .

Stories from users:

"Was contacted by email from and and both wanted me to cash money grams and my bank for them. "

"I have a person that sent me a bad certified check.  The name on the email is Troy Biiard - email address is  His shipping agent is Elizabeth Jordan @ 142 Valley View Dr - Council Bluff, Iowa 51503.  The return address on the Priority Mail Express 2-day is Michael Priore -1510 Heather Lakes Blvd - Brandon, Fl 33511. "
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