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Okay here's the situation:
We had my step girls over the weekend, we asked the mother via text about possible sexual abuse. No reply.

They go home sunday at 6 & @ 9 mother had kid in ER for child abuse on father littlr girl is saying dad did it first it happened at so and so house
but daddy did it then it happened at daddys.

9 days later cps shows up looking for daddy which wasnt there they do a home inspection ask a few questions leave their # for the dad to call dad gets home calls 3 Times before getting ahold of someone talks for 5 mins gets off phone and waits for cps to call back (never happens) the dad calls multiple times a day for 3 days finally gets ahold ofsomeone to get told they are waiting to hear back fm detective. They never had a face to face interview with alledged perp.

16 days after inital report a detective shows up at house wanting dad to come to station for some questioning he goes sees pic of abuse he supposably done which he didn't.  The detective takes report and says he's sending to prosecutor... For what?!

What is wrong w this
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1 Answer

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Tell dad to get a lawyer.
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