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You are saying NOT to accept cashiers check, wire, money transfer, personal check, etc., so how to get paid, if not by paypal?
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2 Answers

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The buyer does NOT need your paypal account number or password. If someone wants to send you money thru paypal they just go to THEIR paypal account and request to send money. PAYPAL will notify you through e-mail. NEVER,NEVER EVER fall for a notification "from" PALPAY !!!Scammers will send you a notification that looks like PAYPAL-----but is really from (PALPAY) in the content they will have paypal all over it but, if it says FROM PALPAY it's a ripoff. Don't fall for PALPAY saying you have money but as soon as you send money to shipper your account will be credited. RIPOFF !
yes, get the correct paypal only, this answer is correct,  someone that understands some of it,  thxs for the help here
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There have been many reported PayPal scams. Always deal locally, and insist on cash transaction.
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Know the real paypal site is all thats required.  The deal locally only is not correct or helping people making legitimate sales,  doing it correctly thru paypal with only an email address and or telephone number on file with paypal will secure the transaction,  I use this method without any issues and paypal backing,  have the seller of whats being sold with a created invoice thru paypal and send to buyers email address on file,  paypal will assist you if would have a issue,  protection both ways,  I buy from all over and its great,  wish the people that post this could understand this.   call paypal if you doubt me,  they will tell you the same thing as here,  good luck.